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Kaktusy is an international (Czecho-Slovak) journal on cacti and succulents with a lot of interesting articles (travelling, descriptions, growing, exhibitions, books, taxonomy) published since 1965. It is in the Czech language with summary in English and German.

Volume 2012 has 300 pages, 478 color photos and 59 B&W photos.

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No. 1

Diversity Notocactus uebelmannianus Buining

New Strombocactus Species - S. corregidorae S. Aries & E. Sanchez from Rio Moctezuma, Querétaro, México

New and Prominent Discovery by Czech Cactus Lovers in Argentina - Gymnocalycium esperanzae

Are you going to add the genus Echidnopsis among your favorites?

Melbourne Botanical Garden

Opuntia erinacea var. columbiana from Yakima River basin, Washington, USA

Sulcorebutia albissima (F. Brandt) Pilbeam and Its Closest Relatives

Colour Variability of Flowers of Thelocactus conothelos (Regel et Klein) Backeb. et Knuth

No. 2

Echinocactus grusonii and Echinocactus grusonii

Notocactus magnificus (F. Ritter) Krainz ex N. P. Taylor Grows Near Toropi

Cacti of the Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico

Gymnocalycium kieslingii Ferrari - A Species from Three Provinces and Three Shapes

Two Ceropegias from Tenerife

Growth Potential of Cacti - A View from Above

Evergreen and Ever Flowering Monadenium echinulatum Stapf (1900)

Memory to Jaumave Valley, Tamaulipas, Mexico

No. 3

Mexican Cacti in Pockets

Sulcorebutia azurduyensis Gertel, Jucker et de Vries 2006 - a Sought-after Novelty

Australian Baobabs and other bottle trees

New Taxon: Ferocactus wislizeni (Engelm.) Br. & R. var. ajoensis R. Fencl & R. Kalas var. nova

Escobaria abdita Űepka & Vačko, Overlooked Miniature from Northern Mexico

Notocactus carambeiensis Buining et Brederoo, 1973 and its relationship to Notocactus villa-velhensis (Bckbg. Et Voll) Slaba 1984

Gymnocalycium ŽandbaldŽ - Next Episode

Mammillaria carmenae Castaneda - an Unappreciated Mexican Cactus (Pretty) Lady

No. 4

Lobivia lateritia (Gürke) Br. et R. - One of the Most Spiny Lobivias

Cacti of Subgenus Cochemiea in cultivation

In Habitats of Gymnocalycium spegazzini var. major Backeberg

Echinocereus viridiforus var. canus A. M. Powell & Weedin, 2004

New Miniature Cactus from Bolivia - Aylostera azurduyensis de Vries

Notocactus rechensis Buining in Habitat

Thelocactus lausseri Űíha et Buček - An interesting Species from North Mexican State Coahuila

Influence of Growing Conditions to Plants Appearance or Cacti with History

Succulents Miniatlas

The Auckland Botanical Garden

Special 1

Yellow flowering sulcorebutias. Only in the Czech language, without summary in English or German.

Special 2

Succulents and other interesting plants of the family Vitaceae. Only in the Czech language, without summary in English or German.

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