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What is Cactus Banner? Advertising and exchange system of advertisement banners.

To whom it is intended? For those of you, who are running web pages focused on cacti, succulents, exotic plants or similar items.


The aim? Traffic enhancement rate of every member engaged in the system.

How it works? Your banner will be displayed on the other pages about cacti and succulents (or with similar topic), and in return the banners of the others will appear in your pages.

The advantage of the system? The biggest advantage is that the system is focused on narrow topics and so the banner won"t be displayed on pages with thematically different contents.

Will not the banner interfere the design of my page? You select the banner location on your page yourself, so that the banner would fit the best into appearance of your pages and impaired only very little the graphic look.

What is the price? Participation in Cactus Banner system is totally free for everybody.

Any other advantage? Yes, of course!

1) Each new member will get an initial bonus of 100 exposures for display of his banner, of course for free.

2) Each member of the system will have access to online statistics where he can find how many people saw his banner and another details.

3) In case you do not have your own advertisement banner or you don"t know how to create it, you can choose from 320 prepared samples and banner will be made free of cost (unfortunately not all samples are suitable for advertising of cacti pages).

Will you join? - If this offer how to increase the attendance rate (traffic enhancement) of your pages without any cost is interesting for you, contact me, please, on the address Inserting of Cactus Banner onto your page is very simple - it consists in inserting of short text (HTML code) onto page. In spite of this if you get in trouble, I am glad to help you.